Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week in Review October 15 - 18

Our football unit has been a load of fun!  The kids love bringing in and showing off their footballs and sharing them for games in the grass too.  We continue to practice how to throw (fingers on the laces, thumb by the ear, step and throw).

This week we also were able to bring football into the classroom.  Using our toy people and a paper football, the kids are lightly hitting their football down the field to score a touchdown.  This is not only teaching them a few more basic skills of football, but its also helping us to learn more about using gentle hands.  Don't we all need practice in this?

Making crafts each day brings so much joy, excitement, and personality out of our kids!

Learning the differences between the city and country, we read Town Mouse, Country Mouse.  After reading the book, we used construction paper, pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes to make either a city or a country mouse.  We encouraged the children to draw in the background of the mouse they wanted to represent.

Another craft project this week was spray painting leaves.  The children understanding the manipulation of tape on their fingers, choosing leaves that were picked from the playground, and then using the spray bottles to accurately shoot the paint was a fun experience!

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