Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blue for Bean, The Spirit of Jefferson

If you haven't seen the article printed in The Jefferson Spirit, you are missing a great project that our Pre K classroom was involved in.


Check out Khloe's Article here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Pre-K Parents, 

The end of the school year ​
is near and we are very excited to celebrate with you and your families at the Pre-K graduation.
​Due to a softball tournament scheduled at Leetown park, we were concerned with the safety and privacy of our event being held in what would have been an already cozy environmentWe are happy to announce that we have found a great location at Morgan's Grove Park in Shepherdstown, WV. This 
​is a fantastic park and facility 
to create the special memories for the graduates and your families. 

Morgan Grove Park is a larger park and has created us with the opportunity to AUCTION off the first row of seats to a family. The auction will begin tomorrow, May 20 and end on Tuesday, May 27 the auction will end at 4:00 pm. The row will be able to seat
 ​ ​
 ​, two sets of 4​
. The area will be sectioned off and labeled for the winners. If you are the winner of the auction, payment is due by Wednesday, May 28th. The money from the auction will go to the cost of the graduation.

Please RSVP to Jamie at to let her know your count of the amount of family members attending. This number will ensure we have plenty of room for everyone and there is plenty of food. Just a reminder, to bring your own chair!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

What has Pre K been up to?

 Thank you to Miss Nikki for bringing in her baby chicks to teach our children about the care for them, what they eat, and also the different kinds.


Did you know different chicks lay different eggs?  Including green eggs!  

After we learned about the different types of chicks, we got to pet them!  

In our writing center, our students are enjoying being authors and illustrators.  We are writing books about letters, using our imaginations, and about our families.  The joy they each have when we sit and write exactly as they say and they see their finished work is awesome.  They can't wait to bring them home.  

 Mr. David also led us (outdoors for the AM class and indoors for the PM class) in fun exercises during Week of the Young Child.  Our students love seeing Mr. David and the exciting things he shares with us!
**Thank you to each family that participated in week of the young child.  This is a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) celebrated week and one that we would not miss out on!

Of course, we're always busy with Art!  Each child will have a collaboration of art work put together for an end of the year portfolio.  These will be given to parents at our end of year conferences.

And working on our fine motor skills, during our "Signs Around Us" unit we made cars from apples, grapes, and toothpicks.

Autism Awareness Capes! And now support the NF cause!

If you can't see it on her face, she's thrilled to be on a horse!  Studies have shown that children with Autism experience great growth in stability, socialization, and motor developments.  Below are some awesome pictures of Charlee at her first riding camp!  

This would not have been possible without the support from you as parents!  Our Pre K class led a fundraising opportunity to both bring awareness to Autism and help raise money to send Charlee to horse back riding camp!  

Isn't it exciting to know that Charlee is able to go for the entire summer, once a week!!!!!    

If you would like more information about Horses With Hearts please follow the link.

Here are some of our students showing off their capes!

May is Neurofibromatosis Month.  One of our students has this condition and it is our goal to help paint the town blue to bring awareness to what this disease is.  You will see Miss Shelly with her streak of blue all month to support "Bean".  Would you consider doing the same?

For more information on Neurofibromatosis, please follow the link.

Parents Night Out, Friday May 9th

A great benefit of being enrolled at Children First Child Development Center is taking advantage of awesome nights like Parents Night Out!

Miss Jamie, Miss Shelly, Mr. David, and Miss Samantha will be helping this Friday from 6:30 - 10:00!  First child is $20 and siblings are $10 each.  The staff have designed an organized schedule complete with pizza for dinner, crafts, play time, and finishing the evening with a movie to calm down.

Come in your pajamas, bring your tooth brushes, and get your kids ready for an awesome night that enables Mom and Dad to celebrate a date night.  A WHAT?  Yes, I said you get to go on a DATE!  And what better weekend, than Mother's Day weekend!

If you have children not enrolled in the program, they are also able to join us.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk and spaces are filling up quickly!!  Please let us know if you are interested and your child's age group is filled as we can recruit another staff to help as needed.

So sign up, go for a date, and let your kids hang out with some of their favorite teachers!  After all, don't we teachers live at the school anyway?

Animal Letters

The students have LOVED doing our letters of the alphabet as animals.  While doing our end of the year testing, as I'm asking them what letter makes the d, d, d like dog some of them are answering me back "It's D for dinosaur Miss Shelly" 

As promised, here are pictures of our completed alphabet.  If you haven't seen them yet in your children's bags, we have started with numbers.  They all started asking as soon as we did the letter Z, "What are we going to do now, we don't have any more letters."

A is for Alligator

B is for Bumblebee

C is for Crab

D is for Dinosaur

E is for Eagle

F is for Frog

G is for Giraffe

H is for Horse

I is for Iguana

J is for Jaguar

K is for Kangaroo

L is for Lion

M is for Monkey

N is for Nest

O is for Octopus

P is for Pig

Q is for Quail

R is for Rabbit

S is for Seahorse

T is for Turtle

U is for Unicorn

V is for Vulture

W is for Walrus

X is for X-Ray
(to keep with the animal theme, we did one of a dog)

Y is for Yak

Z is for Zebra

Now what?  A great activity to do with your children is to ask them the sounds of different letters.  Have a flash card of a letter, example "P".  Show the letter without telling what the letter is.  Say three words that start with that letter and ask if they can tell you which word begins with the letter on the card.  Have them tell you the letter and move to another one.