Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pre K Graduation Pictures

Reminder, if you would like to get your child's Pre K Graduation pictures taken you are able to come by the center on Monday, March 31st!

Graduation and Spring time background are available.  AND if you have siblings that are not enrolled at the center, you can also get their pictures taken together for a great spring time shot for family!

Call the center if you have any questions.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Leprechaun traps, science center, and outdoors (pictures included)

 We tried to catch that tricky Leprechaun!  Even though our traps were pretty cool, the green glitter left around the room showed us that he was too fast for our traps this year.  In the words of one of our students "Better luck next year".

Our students LOVE to take things apart and try to put them back together again!  Here is what used to be a toaster and our students (proper safety gear is a must!) are attempting to put it back together again.  Their minds love to find out what is inside of normal appliances you find in your homes.  

If you have anything that you no longer use, we would LOVE to take it apart in our science center!  Bring it on in!

But the highlight was the ability to go outside!  Its amazing how much more awesome our day becomes when we're able to go outside.  If the weather doesn't permit us to venture outdoors, we always do indoor gross motor, but there is something about fresh air that makes our bodies and minds more ready to learn!

Dr. Seuss Center fun and exploration

Huge Thank You to the parents that came in to volunteer in the classroom to read to our wonderful students.  Our children had a great time exploring the special center activity that each of you were able to help with.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to come in and share with our students!  

Due to the snow storm, we were able to celebrate Dr. Seuss for two weeks!  YIPPEE!  Below you will see some great activities that we participated in doing throughout our Dr. Seuss Theme.

Ten Apples Up On Top was read to the class and our students were able to trace 10 apples on red construction paper and then cut them out.  We asked the students to write the numbers 1 - 10 on their apples as they used glue to count and paste them onto paper.  They also wrote "10 Apples" as their heading.

Green Eggs and Ham was read to the class and the students were able to use green colored eggs on spoons as a gross motor activity walking around the classroom practicing their balancing skills.  We even got daring and tried to walk backwards, sideways, and when the music stopped we had to freeze with a birdy leg in the back.  AWESOME BALANCING!  And check out those Cat in the Hat projects on some of their heads, we love making anything to wear home and they did all of the cutting by themselves!

Put Me In The Zoo was read to the class.  The students were able to trace the animal and use Q-tips to color the different colored spots (orange, violet, green, blue, and red).  These are hanging in our room and will go home with students soon.  Using the q-tips helped with fine motor skills and practicing using smaller amounts of paint to specialize and detail their work.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish was read to the class.  Miss Shelly made blue jello and the students practiced their hand eye coordination filling a cup with a scoop of jello and then adding red candied fish to them.  We enjoyed our snack at the end of class.  The "mmm Miss Shelly this is the best Jell-o ever" was heard all around!

Simple Machines, Videos to be shared in the class

Simple Machines will be our theme for March 25th - 28th

What are simple machines with Bill Nye the Science Guy

What is a pulley with Super Grover 2.0

Simple Machines with Make Me

Wheels and Axles with Coronet

In class this week we will be using simple machines throughout centers.  Our students LOVE science, we will post pictures at the end of this week of their work within the class.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Performance

Our spring performance is right around the corner!  We will be including sign language into one of our songs.  Please watch the video below and have your children practice at home.  They are having a great time learning and participating in this awesome project!

Looking forward to an awesome Spring Performance!