Thursday, October 10, 2013


The excitement has been in the air all week long! Both classes" AM and PM had incredible behavior! We were so proud of them!

At the beginning of class we read "A Day in the Life of a Firefighter" and then prepared the children for what we would see and behaviors. We sat and listened, we were respectful when others talked, and we saw REAL FIREFIGHTERS,

Scooter suited up in her entire attire that firefighters wear.  She told the classes about everything she was putting on and the purpose behind the gear.  She looked like an "Angry Bird" when she had her mask on! 

Scooter also had her air tank with her.  She talked to us so we could hear what it would sound like if a firefighter ever came into our house to help us.

After they talked to us, we got to feel her outfit and jump on her feet.  Everyone was amazed that she couldn't feel anything because her boots were so strong!

After our talk, we got to go for a tour of the fire truck.  The AM class was able to see the ladder truck and sit in the front seat!  The PM class was able to see a ladder truck and a regular firetruck.  They also brought the ambulance and water tanker to the PM session.  The PM class was able to take a tour of the inside of the ambulance.  Checking out everything inside was awesome!

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