Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 8 - 11th

This week our focus was on Community Helpers.  The firefighters came and it was a blast!

Here is some of what we did in our centers and small groups this week.

In the block center we added a firetruck and firemen and encouraged the children to use their imagination to create a town.  We've never seen the block center so popular than this week!!

In sensory, we added squirt bottles to put the fires out inside of boats.  Firefighters work on the water just like they work on our streets!  Not shooting our friends in their faces was the teacher's fun task!

In the art center we had markers and pictures of Firemen in order to draw a fireman in their full attire.  We also explored an apple this week, checking out the inside of it (color, shape, formation); afterward we were able to do some apple stamping.  (these art projects are hung in the classroom and will go home at the end of the month).

The collection of fireman books in the library made for numerous visits when someone wanted a more quiet center!  In the computer/Ipad center we also played Fire Frenzy (a free app) allowing the children to be the firefighter and to understand the motions of up and down, and how to effectively put out the fires with obstacles around the scene.  For the computer they used to fight fires with Team Umizoomi.

In small group we added our "E"agle to our ABC collection. (I forgot to take a picture but I will add it next week!)

Our small groups were separated on Wednesday and Friday.  Each person participates in both sections, to enable a smaller group setting with a different focus.  One of our topics was our R-E-S-P-E-C-T talk and the other was "How to make bubbles".

With a recipe book in hand, Miss Jamie led this group in an awesome bubble making experience!  (Because Friday we had rain, this group was able to make the bubbles indoors.  We don't let rain stop us!!!)

The children are all excited for the pumpkin patch trip and our Halloween parties!  Stay connected for more details about the Halloween party!

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