Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Videos

To view the Holiday videos that will be shared in our classroom, please visit a previous post on this blog at:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Teddy Bear Parade

Our Pre K students had such a blast parading around the school showing off their teddy bears!  Then the opportunity to run around with their floats outside was the cherry on top!

Thank you parents for your help and organization of the floats.  They looked awesome and each student was so proud of their work!

Our shyest of the group came alive when they got to tug around their float.  More opportunities like these will continue to strengthen their public speaking skills.  

It's so fun being 4 (and some of us are already 5!).

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Home Depot Field Trip

What a great time we had at the Home Depot field trip!

Students were able to get a tour of the store, watching them move large pieces of wood to a top shelf on the machine was probably their favorite part of the tour!  Can you blame them?

Doing the project was the highlight!  What a treat to have you all join them to build something!  Thank you for taking the time out of your days and celebrate them being four years old (some of us are five already too).

Showing off businesses, like The Home Depot, to our students help them to understand more of the world around us, most importantly their own community.  Here are some great memories of the trip.

Watching the paint staff mix paint and get a lesson on paint from the Bear rep was fun.  Everyone enjoyed getting paint sample sheets to take home!

Spending time on these trips with friends is always the best!  As a parent, having the opportunity to see how your child reacts and connects with others is important.  These moments are some they will remember for a long time.

But the moments each of you get to spend with them is a great treasure too!  They feel so important and loved when they are surrounded by their classmates and their parent(s).  They talk about each of you so much, that showing you off to everyone else is such an honor to them!

Thank you!

Grandparents too!

** If you took any pictures you want added to our class book of the trip, please feel free to email them to Miss Shelly **

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teddy Bear Parade Details

National Teddy Bear Day
November 7th
In celebration, Pre K classes will have a teddy bear parade.  Help us celebrate by decorating a homemade float for your child's favorite teddy bear.

Keep in mind:
  •    Include a string to pull the float around the facility
  •  Remember bigger isn't always better, we have 20 students in our classes and bigger also means more space required
  •   Remember your bear!  Have a place for your bear to sit/stand. 
  • Choose a theme and work together to build a float.  This is your child's project, their thoughts and input on their float is important to them!  Help them to understand the steps in planning and execution.
  • Wheels are great, but not mandatory.  A shoe box pulls on the floor with a string too!

Watching your children grow in confidence and public presenting is very important to their growth!  What better way to practice by sharing something they love and take pride in creating!

** Please bring in your teddy bear floats on Friday, Nov. 14th.  DO NOT bring in your floats before Friday class **  PSII student will bring their floats with them to class at 12:15, please do not drop off to hold in the classroom.