Friday, October 4, 2013

Our class projects

CHEERS schools is a non profit organization.  In order to assist some of our families and/or new families with scholarships (meeting eligibility) CHEERS yearly holds an auction.  This year's auction is on November 1st.  Each of our families have received an invitation in their child's folder with additional details.

For the auction our classes were given two tasks, organize an 80's themed basket and also create a project that the kids assisted in making.  First thank you to all the parents that helped make our 80's themed candy basket a success!  When the children in the classroom take out the candy from their bags to show the class they brought something to share, they're so excited its candy!  Then when we put the candy in the box and they realize we're not eating it . . .

The second task is also almost complete.  We have been spending center time and some small group time painting in small groups our class projects.  I can't wait to show off to the parents what wonderful work they are doing!  (I will also update the blog when we complete our projects)

Here are a few snapshots of your kids hard at work!

Our AM class is preparing a growing wooden chart.  Here is one student helping to paint in some of our measurement lines.  We will be adding numbers and a growing flower as well.

Our PM class is preparing a wooden "WASH" sign that will be perfect in a bathroom or laundry room!  Here they are sanding down some of the wood stain.  We will be adding the letters and bubbles as well.

Updated: 10.07.2013

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