Friday, October 25, 2013

October 22nd - 25th, Weekly Review

The weeks are flying by!

The month of October is giving us the opportunity to have 2 weeks of review.  What an incredible time this week has been.

Reviewing "Down on the Farm" was done through throwing "cow pies" and turning over the Xs and Os.  The faces when we explained what cow pies were was priceless!  As one child said "this is important when we visit the farm."  And they are right!  Our farm visit on the 28th of October might have discussion about cow pies.

The children love anything with crafts, so reviewing the farm and including one of their favorite animals had to happen.  Any time they can make an animal and have the opportunity to make their noise.  It has to happen!
And Halloween preparations have been so much fun!  Miss Jamie has done an awesome job creating Halloween projects that can combine hand eye coordination skills, small motor skill development, and a little bit of fun too :).  Here are some of our students making their witch, pumpkins, and skeleton.  The kids are looking forward to showing off their spiders and mummies in the classroom as well!

This week we also reviewed our "No Bully" rules in the classroom to review that October also represents "Bully Prevention Month."  Bailey the Big Bully* was one of their favorite books that was a huge help in understanding what a bully is.  The conversations this week after reading this book have been very encouraging, both as a teacher and as a member of our classroom setting.  Some of the kids in the class have realized that some of their actions need to change.  Others have realized that they can begin to stand up and use their words if they feel they are being bullied.  Others have been encouraged that their behaviors are rewarded!

Bullying isn't a big problem in our classrooms.  Although the concept of what a bully is assists each child in understanding how to grow and mature into a more loving, welcoming, and good friend to others.

*Link will take you to the You Tube video of this story being read*

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