Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 2, September 10 - 13th.

Home Living this week our special items were a curling iron and flat iron (cords removed), mirrors, "hair spray" and a spray bottle.  In our "All About Me" theme, we encouraged the children to play and have fun with meeting their new friends in the class.  Many enjoyed playing beauty/barber shop!

In small group we discussed what the word "Honesty" means.  Miss Shelly helped the discussion with pictures of scenes, she would say something about the picture and the children would decide if what she said was "honest" or not honest.  Afterward Miss Shelly would say a sentence that was not honest and the children would help change the sentence to make it honest.

Miss Jamie also led a group in a craft of the letter "A".  The alligators were easily a favorite item this week.  They were also all sent home with the children.  You will begin to see us make a wall of letters, each week as we make a craft of the letter we will save one for our wall (a teacher will make the one being saved).

In the water table there were people, animals, and other items that we bathed with washcloths.  Learning how to properly scrub our bodies to make sure we're clean and healthy is very important!

In sensory, we had a big bucket of sand to search through and discover many different beach items.  Who doesn't love the beach!  Some of us discovered the sound of the ocean in the shells, or discovered animals that they haven't seen before.

In the writing center we were practicing our letter A's and other letters in the alphabet.  Each week we will have papers that the children can practice the letter of the week and additional writing.  Next week we will introduce holding pencils properly and showcase writing correctly with a pencil.

In the block center, we had a map of our parking lot where the children were encouraged to practice safe ways of walking in the parking lot and into the school with our cars and play people.  We had no idea that many cars could fit in our parking lot :)

Remember we sent home cardboard people and can't wait to see how they are each decorated next week to show everyone "All About Me".  Please make sure everything on your person is well secured to ensure they go home the way they came in.

We are ready for Week 3, National Talk Like a Pirate Day is Thursday.  Make sure you come dressed and ready to "Argh" on our treasure hunt!

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