Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outdoor time at Pre K

Our outside time is not just for bikes and slides (although they get plenty of that in our time too)!  We also incorporate our curriculum outdoors.

Below are some pictures of our students doing a large motor skill game.  Our teachers put poly spots on the ground in a circle.  When the music was on, the students would do the task that the teacher would call out (gallop, skip, jump with two feet, hop on one foot, walk backwards,etc.)  when the music would stop they would have to go to a spot with the same number of friends as the number Miss Shelly would call out.  They had to work together to problem solve if their group of friends had enough, needed more, or had too many.

 And of course, our outdoor time includes bikes, slides, and so much more!

Our outdoor time will continue to grow in great ways!  Our clubhouse on the playground will soon become one of our chores next month during our unit that includes our neighborhood.  We will clean out and transform it into an awesome outdoor hang out!

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