Friday, September 27, 2013

Denver Testing and Hearing/Speech testing

Each student has brought home a copy of their DENVER testing.  Here is some help and clarification on how to read it and even areas to help your child grow.

The front page has a graph chart, ages at the top and topics on the left side.  If you draw a line straight down from their age wherever that line touches is the areas that were tested.  Your papers should already have this line drawn down.  There are numbers that correspond with these areas tested, these numbers are associated with the back of the page.

The back page, wherever the line touched from your child's age read through the questions and tasks that were asked to be performed.

P = Pass
F = Fail (explanation of 3/4 meaning 3 out of 4 items correct)
R = Refused

At the bottom of the page there different categories written:

Walking = performing the task of walking a line heal to toe heal to toe
Jumping = jumping with two feet
Hop = how many times they were able to hop on each foot (ex. 10/6 = ten with one foot and six with the other)
Colors = 7 colors shown, how many were correctly recognized
Counting = Ability to count to the number five correctly

If you have any further questions about the DENVER testing please see Miss Shelly or Miss Jamie

Sarah from the county also came into our center over the last two weeks and performed the hearing and speech testing with the children.  If your child is eligible for either of these assistance programs (FREE OF CHARGE) you should have received documents in the mail from her.  Please make sure these are returned to the school promptly.  There will be another representative coming in the classroom within the next few weeks to do the second testing for this program to establish the proper way to assist.  Sara's contact information was on this information if you have further questions about the program, please make sure to connect with her!

We also sent out the parent liaison information in each child's folder this past week.  This is helpful in many areas to understand organizations and procedures within the school system.  Please take advantage of using her if you need anything!

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