Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Science Sensory Exploration

This month in our Science center we have been focusing on sensory exploration.  Last week we included bottles that contained cotton balls of a scent (like vanilla or lemon).  This week, we placed items in paper bags. 

Students are encouraged to work with a partner, not looking inside the bag, and describe the feeling or texture of what is within the bag.  Together they are to try to figure out what is within the bags.  Once they've made an assumption, they can peek in the bag.

Items in our bags were: a rock, pieces of playdough, tissues, smooth pieces of plastic, and a cookie cutter.  The looks on their faces if they guessed it correctly is priceless!

Here is a picture of two of our students exploring with their science jackets on (my husband's old button down shirts).

To also assist in understanding more of our senses, we used blindfolds today outdoors.  While one student was blindfolded another student would assist in guiding them around the playground on the cement.  After their tour around the playground, we switched roles and enabled each person to experience not having site and what adjustments they needed to make.

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