Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's never dull in Pre K!

Our monthly unit of "All About Me" has been nothing but dull! Learning about some of our favorite things means our centers are full of excitement.

Orange smiles = happy bellies!

Large motor skill outdoors while learning some of our friends names too! Today we got to skip, gallop, hop, and walk backwards when the music stopped one friend's name was called out and they got to run into the center. Once they reached the center our whole class got to say "HI _____". Learning our friends names is very important!

In the art center, we get to look into the mirror while using colored markers to draw self portraits. We LOVE seeing their imaginations on paper!

Our letter this week is the letter Aa. Using magnifying glasses to find them all over our classroom enables the students to see the letter in many scripts.

Look for more pictures this week of our centers and the exciting things within them!

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