Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lily our Elf

Many of you will know what The Elf on the Shelf is!  Our class LOVES our elf!  Her name is Lily and she does amazingly crazy things in the classroom.

Lily was introduced to the classroom last week, and at the start of each class our children enjoy searching around the room to find her.

Here is some of what she's done. (If Miss Shelly can remember to photograph her, we will have more pictures too!)

Having a sack race with some of our stuffy friends.

I actually forgot her this day (shh don't tell the kids), so we had to think quick and we created an "elf hat" and shoved it in the snow.  It appears, Lily was snowed on and stuck!  (Elf hat made from mini bean bag and yarn)

We also like to share what Lily has done at Miss Shelly's house (because she flies to both places!)  The kids enjoy seeing the pictures and tell us loads of stories that you are doing with your elves at home.  We would LOVE to share some ideas.  If you have any that you would like to share, please email Miss Shelly the pictures and she will upload them onto our site.

Happy Elfing!

Lily hung around for a bit and make a Rudolph on our pantry door!

There is no doubt that this elf LOVES to eat the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms!

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