Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 16 - 20

I'm so sorry for posting this late, we've been busy at home with the Holidays and family visits that time gets away from me . . . daily!  I'm sure this never happens to any of you (sarcasm)

Hopefully by now each of you have received your special gifts that the children (big shout out to Miss Jamie for helping to facilitate the projects) have been working very hard and diligently on.  The hand print calendars were their favorite, and I'm sure their color stained hands make a lot more sense now that you've opened them.  They have hopefully given you wonderful presents that you will want to keep for many years and show off when they have children.

For some review of our classroom activities.

Due to the snow and ice on our playground, we have become very creative with what we can do inside.  This week we played hockey (paper towel roll and large marshmallow).  Not only did they get some great energy released, but they were able to focus on coordination skills and gross motor development without feeling like they were "learning".  Hitting their "puck" from poly spot to poly spot in teams was a lot of fun.  Hearing them cheer on their teammates was even more encouraging as they helped each other from the side lines!

We have also been using our letter boards (Miss Shelly made with the use of the recycled tops that were brought in from families).  There are lots of ways to use these: matching letters with the same upper case letter, matching the upper case to the lower case letter, or working in teams and one team member says the sound of the letter while the other finds their match in the bin to cover it up.  An easy game to bring or do any place you travel!

You all have received your cards by now as well.  The children decided the two phrases they think would be best in the cards, as I wrote them on the dry erase board they came to the writing center to write out what they wanted to say.  Some spent so much time here, wanting to write out 5 cards for specific family members and loved ones.  Their handwriting has improved so much!  We were so impressed with their ability to view and copy.

Thank you to the parents that donated cards for our children to use in this center!  They love writing, and cards/stickers/etc encourages them even more to participate in this center.

Easily one of their favorite places this week was the Holiday tunnel!  We had a big box, poked holes in from the top, and stuck lights down from it.  Not only did they enjoy crawling through the tunnel, but their play from the block center was "enlightened" as they parked their vehicles in the tunnel or built cities with blocks all around it.  Looks like we'll have to bring this back as a favorite in a future week.

Thank you again for all of your support and help during our Holiday party!  We are looking forward to the play date on Monday, December 30th 11:30 at the Ranson Chic Fil A!  Can't wait to see you there!

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