Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 10th - 13th

Snow doesn't stop our learning!

Well I guess it stopped our class from meeting, but we're still in full swing when we're here.  Here is what we did this week.

Letter parking.  There are many ways we play this game.  Placing letters (we use recycled bottle tops as well as leap frog magnetic letters) and the teacher can either call out a letter and the student will park their car in the parking spot where the letter is at.  For those that know their letters, we make the sound of the letter encouraging them to think of what letter it is and park the car there.  For those even more advanced, we are either using sight words or allowing them to be the teacher and lead the activity.  SOOOO many things we can do with this activity!

Menora math.  Children roll the dice and count the total shown.  They then use the bingo blotter to mark out the number shown.  Great practice to teach both adding and number recognition.  This one we have numbers from 0 - 20, encouraging two people to work together when counting and participating in the center.

Housekeeping holiday fun.  This week we have a homemade Menora (the stores were selling them for $35 and our 4 year olds would wreck that too quickly!  And making crafts is our specialty!!!!!)  Encouraging the children to play and plan out their holiday meals.

Making dreidels out of marshmallows, Hershey kisses, pretzel sticks, and a little frosting.  Our kids love doing anything that includes sugar . . . I mean food. :)  Although after making them they were wondering when they got to spin them and win money!

We've been working very diligently on handprint crafts.  Many of you have noticed your kids coming home with pink, blue, or green stained hands.  YES we do have them wash their hands right after we are done, sometimes it takes a good scrubbing (as you have known at night time baths).  We can't wait to share these projects with you!  

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