Monday, September 29, 2014

September 23 - 26

This week in Pre K we've had so much fun discussing our Community and helpers!  Don't miss out on seeing the post on the Police Station visit and Fire Department visit 

In the classroom our students are having a great time exploring and learning how to make smart choices (both behaviorally and to explore more learning).  In our morning class, we've added Miss Terry to our class for the morning routine.  Her presence gives our classroom an extra set of hands in helping our little ones learn how to make choices that will set them up for success.  Miss Terry will spend one more week in our classroom for the additional support.  In the afternoon, Miss Marie has also been a great support during the last two weeks.  What a great support they are proving as we continue to work with our Pre K students in understanding more about limits and smart choices!

In our technology center, we have worked in small groups for our students to understand how to use a mouse, sharing the computer, and navigating on a website.  The sound of one student successfully sharing and working together while navigating without a frustration of "wanting to do it their way" is a wonderful accomplishment!  

At the Ipads this week, the students were able to focus on apps that involved fighting fires, building a community, and cleaning teeth.  Working on apps that focus on our themes enable our students to add more to our weekly topic.  They love to share during small group and circle about their thoughts and activities in these areas.

In the art center, students were able to use straws (each student used their own straw and threw it out when they were done) to dip into watered paint and blow onto their paper.  Exploring what happened to the paint if there was a lot compared to a little bit is one amazing tip to carry on throughout their art projects this year.  They loved to see bubbles appear on their paper and then popping them for a cool addition to their painting.

We opened up our small Legos this week as well.  This is a center that will be available once or twice each week.  Working on creating their own communities this week enhanced our weekly theme.  Using their fine motor skills to connect and take apart adds additional support to their growth. We cannot wait to see what more they will create and build!

During small group our students were able to make letter sound connections as the teacher gave a letter sound and working in small groups they decided what letter they would look for.  The teacher asked for students to "dot" either the capital letter or lower case letter once found.  They worked together as a group to remember what each letter looked like.  One letter not dotted was the lower case "a" (mainly as the printed letter was not the correct lettering that our program teaches so it would avoid their confusion).

Don't forget to check out our blog on our Fire Department visit and Police station visit.

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