Monday, September 29, 2014

Firefighter visit and Police Station tour

Getting a special visit by the Fire Department and visiting the Sheriff's office this past week is a highlight for any four or five year old!  What an amazing time our students had, something they couldn't stop talking about this week.  These memories proved to be awesome, as in our center themed areas they were re-enacting what they had learned.  Mission Accomplished :)

Thank you to Jefferson County Sheriff's Office for allowing us to come visit and meet the K9 unit.  Easily our student's favorite part was the K9s, watching the dog open the door with his nose was the biggest hit!  Hearing the sirens and getting the opportunity to hit the buttons in the car was also awesome!


Thank you also to Citizen's Fire Company, where Miss Scooter volunteers, for visiting both our morning and afternoon classes!  Getting the opportunity to hear what to do in case of a fire and seeing a firefighter in their attire (so we are not scared of them) was a great lesson.  THEN the opportunity to tour the truck and sit inside of it was a great experience.  They were so thrilled!

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