Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Box

Valentine’s Day Celebration will be on Friday, February 14th.  In the case of a snow day, our celebration will occur the next school day we have. 
                                AM Celebration will begin at 9:45.
                                PM Celebration will begin at 1:30.

Parents are welcome to join us!  We will have Valentine’s themed events in each of our centers.  Parents and other guests will be invited to join your child as they explore these centers.  We will also personally pass out valentines into our friends’ boxes and enjoy snacks before our day ends.  PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR LIST OF ITEMS IN THE HALLWAY FOR OUR CLASS PARTY.  We are always looking forward to celebrating in our classroom!

If you choose to bring Valentine's from your child, please ensure they bring a Valentine for each child.  Attached is a class list, some children enjoy writing individual names on each card while others choose to solely sign their own name representing who the valentine is from.  Also, please help your child decide if they want to either make their own valentines or purchase pre-made store versions; either way the children LOVE seeing the personalities of their friends through these tokens.

FAMILIES WILL MAKE THEIR VALENTINE'S BOX AND BRING IT IN ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH.  Please DO NOT bring in the box prior to the day of our party.  Allow your child's imagination to be used in their creation of their box.  Please ensure your child's name is visible and large enough for a child to see and read as they will distribute their valentines.

Here are a few ideas that you can use for creating your Valentine box.  (links to pages for directions are available on our classroom blog)  You can also google or you tube ideas for more assistance on this creation.  Keep in mind, little hands will need to get in and out to both distribute and personally enjoy.

Made from a cereal box

Recycled Milk Jug

Fabric Box, with pattern

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