Monday, October 12, 2015

Safety Drills in the Classroom

We have been practicing emergency drills in the classroom over the last few days.  Fire drills, shelter in place, and our emergency lock down drill.  These drills require students to remain quiet for their protection and cooperation.  They have all done a fantastic job learning new things that might be scary for them. 

It is great practice to ensure children understand what to do in an emergency at home as well.  This week your at home project is to talk with your little ones about fire safety in your home.  Where do you go in case of a fire?  Where do you meet outside of your home?  How do they get out of their room? 

Need help with what to do and how to plan your home fire safety procedures? offers great tools to prepare your family for an emergency like this.  Use this as a helpful resource or go to your local fire station for information.

A fire engine and ambulance will be by the school soon for a visit.  Students will have the opportunity to tour the vehicles and go inside of them.  Pictures will follow.

WV Pre K State Standards:
PH.PK.SP.SPP.2Recognize symbols indicating danger.
PH.PK.SP.SPP.3Respond appropriately to harmful and unsafe situations.
PH.PK.SP.SPP.5Demonstrate and communicate an understanding of the importance of safety routines and rules.
PH.PK.SP.SPP.4Follow classroom and community safety rules (example: fire drills, bus rules, pedestrian safety).
PH.PK.SP.SPP.1Participate in safety games and stories.

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