Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 8th - 11th

This month's theme is All About Me.  Helping our new students to familiarize themselves with the world around them and sharing about who they are is a big deal, especially to a four/five year old!

At the art easel we placed mirrors, encouraging the kids to look at themselves in the mirror and to draw themselves.  What color eyes do you have?  What shape of a face do you have?  How can you draw that on your paper?  Their creations were wonderful.

In the Math center, students were encouraged to walk around the room and look at our All About Me pennants and document/graph some of the responses.  We were also able to practice how to hold a writing utensil.

In the block center, students enjoyed using the toy cars and trains with a drawing of our center parking lot.  Seeing a familiar scene, like our parking lot, assists students in understanding more of the world around them.

Playdoh was also opened and started this past week.  Working on fine motor skills is a bonus when children use it.  Play doh is available each day in Pre K.  Playing with it on our white surfaces and ensuring students wash their hands after each use is also in practice.

We also were able to catch a few critters to add to our science center this week.  The hysterical scene watching Miss Shelly and Miss Jasay catch the cricket was a sight to be seen!  These insects are in our bug viewers and the students love coming over to look at them with the magnifying glasses.

During small group this week, students were encouraged to draw pictures of their classmates.  We worked on understanding what features were noticed on our classmates that we should include in these pictures.  Helping everyone understand that a picture of a person can include eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, fingers, etc.

We also practiced our public speaking as every student that brought back in their All About Me pennant was able to share them with the class.  Getting to know our classmates and encouraging respectful behavior.  It's so much fun getting to know everyone.

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