Thursday, March 5, 2015

Class projects, themes, and projects

Our class became scientists with scientific journals.  Doing experiments as a class helped students to understand more what the word hypothesis means and how to make predictions during experiments that are backed up with reasoning.  Students shared their results from the experiments with another student and greatly enjoyed having their own journal to document their findings. (*These journals went home this past week)

While the snowstorms and cancelled school days affected our number of experiments.  The students enjoyed the fun experiments and growth learning about what a hypothesis is and how to make predictions for experiments.

Black History Month gave us the opportunity to share with students the great things African Americans have done to help make our world a better place.  During these talks two of their favorite crafts were making "President Obama" where each student was able to share with us what they would do if they were president.  These crafts are hung up in our classroom and will be distributed at the end of the year with their portfolios.  We also learned who Dr. Martin Luther King was and how he has challenged each of us to show Love and Respect instead of Hurt and Hate. 

We cannot forget to share about our wedding of letters Q and U.  Thank you so much to Miss Jill, our site supervisor, for standing in as our Priest to marry our letters.  The students had a huge blast sharing the items they brought in that started with letter Q and U as well as watching the marriage ceremony and enjoying a cake and cookie at the end. 

Of course our week of our wedding would not have been complete without the opportunity to dress up in costumes in our dramatic play center. 

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