Monday, January 26, 2015

January 13-- 23rd

Thank you Shade family for bringing in Jujuberry to the class. A great preparation for our visit to the animal shelter to see how our students need to remain calm around new animals. The students in the morning Pre K class absolutely loved the opportunity to meet your new family pet.

Also this week our students continued their growth while working with the Bee Bots. Programming the bumble bees to move around their grid from numbers 1 - 20 continues their growth in number recognition as well as using some cool technology to lead the way.   Students were able to either work in small groups or solo.

With indoor gross motor we have been connecting more involvement with catching and throwing balls. Teaching children to keep their eye on the ball with small soft tosses while indoors helps with safety as well. Their faces when they catch it is amazing! To become a greater challenge, they get to try to clap once or twice before catching the ball.

Have you seen how awesome your child can write their name? Here we are connecting each child writing their name with an additional hand eye coordination of letting them paint (it's just water) over top of their name. Practicing forming letters in different ways is strengthening their literacy while having a little fun while we do it.

Here is a fun idea for upper and lower case practice. Using clear spoons for upper case letters and white spoons for lower case letters , students work in small groups to match letters together. Working together as a team is encouraging for both students that have a strong knowledge to strengthen their leadership and also gives encouragement to student that haven't yet mastered this area.

Introducing the ruler and what it is used for was a fun activity this past week!  Students measured the length of their pieces of yarn then wrote the number on their given line.  Connecting number recognition, use of a ruler, and writing made this project a triple win!

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