Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Indoor Gross Motor

Gross Motor development is an important part of being in Pre K!  Not only does this time allow our students to release their energy in an active way, but we are helping them to learn and perfect some of their foundational skills!

Hopping, skipping, galloping, balancing; this list could go on!  We do these items through fun songs like Going on a bear hunt, Hurry hurry drive the fire truck, and Animal Action (we will post videos throughout our colder months of these fun songs!) but we also can bring a little bit of outside when we can :)

Check out the fun your little ones are having

Seeing their faces light up when we opened the door with the bikes (and helmets too!) was joy!  This is a time that is also gives us as teachers more one on one learning to help students that could benefit greatly from a bit more practice on a bike with pedals.  Making a small obstacle course was a lot of fun for them!

Giving students a ping pong ball, straw, and cup to combine a bit of experimenting and gross motor was awesome!  Using the straw and crawling after their ping pong ball, trying to blow the ball into the cup, bouncing the ball into their cup, and then working with a partner to bounce into their cup brought a lot of trial and error.  It also brought a lot more excitement and movement into cold days!

Who doesn't love parachute fun?!?!  They look forward to when it comes out!  Ask them about their favorite game of "Three Little Pigs!"

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