Monday, October 6, 2014

September 30th - October 3rd

This week our book for Pre K was "If You Take A Mouse To School."  Pre K students loved playing school and mouse throughout the centers this past week.  Here are their two favorite centers.

Pre k students used a stencil to trace the pink circles then cut them out.  Using glue they then put together their "mouse" using pom poms for the nose and wiggly eyes.  Their creations are hung up on the classroom bulletin board within the classroom.  Come on in and check them out!

During free choice/center time, there is a craft option available for 2 children to do at a time.  This enables one on one attention for students that might need scissor practice and also a more quiet atmosphere for students that might need a break from large group activities.  Our mouse craft was the option this week.

In our housekeeping area, we turned around our kitchen and made the area into a small classroom.  Just like the mouse in the book, our Pre K students "went to school."  EVERYONE wanted to be the teacher and it was so awesome seeing their imaginations take off pretending to do our daily graphing activity and writing practice.

 We also wrote thank you notes to the firefighters and police officers that we visited as well as came to visit us.  Teaching our students to be thankful and how to show their appreciation is a task that we work hard on in the classroom setting.  What do you do at home to do this?

Creating fun experiences for Pre K student to practice writing letters, their name, and drawing shapes is always so much fun!  Friday our afternoon class was able to use shaving cream as a canvas. (Morning Pre K will be doing this during the month of October).

Have you considered doing this in the bathtub?  Squirt shaving cream onto the walls of the shower and let your little one show off their handwriting skills and write their name.  Encourage upper and lower case letters.  You can even make dots and encourage them to write their numbers.  Your clean up will be a simple swipe of the shower head.

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