Sunday, May 4, 2014

What has Pre K been up to?

 Thank you to Miss Nikki for bringing in her baby chicks to teach our children about the care for them, what they eat, and also the different kinds.


Did you know different chicks lay different eggs?  Including green eggs!  

After we learned about the different types of chicks, we got to pet them!  

In our writing center, our students are enjoying being authors and illustrators.  We are writing books about letters, using our imaginations, and about our families.  The joy they each have when we sit and write exactly as they say and they see their finished work is awesome.  They can't wait to bring them home.  

 Mr. David also led us (outdoors for the AM class and indoors for the PM class) in fun exercises during Week of the Young Child.  Our students love seeing Mr. David and the exciting things he shares with us!
**Thank you to each family that participated in week of the young child.  This is a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) celebrated week and one that we would not miss out on!

Of course, we're always busy with Art!  Each child will have a collaboration of art work put together for an end of the year portfolio.  These will be given to parents at our end of year conferences.

And working on our fine motor skills, during our "Signs Around Us" unit we made cars from apples, grapes, and toothpicks.

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