Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fairy Tales, Super Heroes, and Princesses

We try very hard to make sure our boys and our girls are excited for our weekly themes.  What could be more exciting than getting to wear costumes to school?

First we started off with April Fool's Day.  And while we didn't pull any jokes or tricks on the students, we did do things a little crazy and backwards in celebration.  Like eating with our chairs backwards.

And painting tulips with forks.

We made princess and the pea crafts.  Some of us made "Super Heroes and the pea(s)" as they drew their own princesses/super heroes and then decorated their mattresses.  We've started to use the "squeeze" glue more and their fine motor skills are showing off while squeezing it out!

We ended the week with an awesome obstacle course, show casing their gross motor skills.  Jumping in and out of hoola hoops, walking a straight line, balancing over the lava, under and over top of the ship, and climbing our mountain of victory!  They loved it so much that most of the children did this for their entire outdoor gross motor time.

As one of our students said "Super Heroes work best with a little Princess in them."  And we all have a little bit of both in us!

But we can't forget the toxic slime that our students enjoyed making and playing with.  

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