Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Survey, Field trip information, and Scientist links

We need your help!  Below is a link for a survey, on survey monkey.com.  This survey is only 10 questions long, and does not ask for any personal information.  Thank you ahead of time for helping us make the Pre K classroom better.

Click here to take the Survey

Your kids might be singing a new song this past week.  There are a lot of different ways to sing it, but this is the favorite that we've made.  Hope you enjoy it.  They're favorite part is the end when they get to dance around.  

I'm Smart and I'm strong

I'm ready for whatever comes along
I have good friends that stick together
Through the end.
I like myself I'm worth a lot
I like myself I'm worth a lot.

In our upcoming unit we will be scientists.  We will be doing a different experiment Wednesday - Friday and then documenting what we've observed in our individual scientist journals.  These journals will be taken home on Friday, January 31st.  

Here are some upcoming videos we will be sharing in class:

Child Experiment - Attitude when a hypothesis isn't right
Grover's Experiments
Magnification Observation
Thunderstorm in Sesame Street

Upcoming field trip information:

Location: Animal Welfare Society, Jefferson County 23 Poor Farm Road Kearneysville, WV 25430 304.725.0589 (facility)
Contact Information:  Miss Shelly's cell phone number will be given out on paper
Time:  11:00 - 1:30, please eat lunch before coming on the trip.  We highly suggest having a snack packed in the car for the ride home. 
Chaperons:  Miss Shelly will have information this week if you have volunteered to help with the trip. Thank you for your participation!
Donations:  All donations will be loaded and transported to the facility the day of the trip.  Boxes are located at the entry of the center.  
**Parents or a guardian must accompany each child on this trip.  If your child will be in the care of another parent, please communicate with teachers. **

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