Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet Your Teachers


Miss Shelly
Miss Shelly holds a degree in Education from Valley Forge Christian College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Early Childhood, specializing in Educating Adults in the Early Childhood field.  Her most important role is the wife to Darell, her husband, and mother to their two children (Zoe age 4 and Logan age 1).  Their family resides in Martinsburg, where they built a house almost 3 years ago.  Her husband is a 4th grade teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia (Selden’s Landing in Lansdowne).  Miss Shelly is an identical twin and is #7 out of 9 in her family.  

After many successful years in Educational Management, teaching in public education, and being a stay at home mom she is excited to return to the classroom this year!

Miss Shelly also travels frequently helping to lead teams of people in countries that are less fortunate than ours teaching English, life skills, sports, parenting tips, and so much more.  Miss Shelly is also very active in her church with their children's and youth ministries.  She is a HUGE Washington Redskins fan (GO SKINS) and supports her husband in his love of the Detroit Tigers.  Her other hobbies include cooking and baking, doing crafts with her daughter, connecting with family and friends, and shopping!

In the classroom, Miss Shelly loves teaching all subjects.  She enjoys adding technology into many aspects of the classroom and lessons.  Artwork will fill our walls, stories will fill our minds, and love within our hearts.  In her classroom manners and values are just as important as cognitive development.


Miss Jamie
Miss Jamie has had many years working with children. She has attended Shepherd University and has recently finished the Apprenticeship in Child Development Specialist Program. She is from Strasburg, Virginia where she lives with her family. She is a middle child, her brother Shawn is the oldest and a younger sister Jessica.  Miss Jamie is an aunt to 3 nieces and 1 nephew, who is her god son.  She also has a cute dog, named Jaxon who is another member of the family!

Miss Jamie loves visiting her friends every weekend. She is enjoys traveling and trying new things to create new memories with her friends. She is also a HUGE Washington Redskin fan! Her favorite color is purple. Her hobbies include baking cakes, doing crafts, laughing with family and friends, ZUMBA, shopping, and enjoying life.

In the classroom, Miss Jamie loves teaching all subjects also. Her favorite activity to do with the children is any art activities! She will enjoy learning, laughing, and growing with each of your children. 

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